5 Fun Ways To Get Active Again


We lead pretty sedentary lives, especially with the way most of us have had to work from home over the past 12 months or so. Because of this, it’s important that we take advantage of the free time we do have to get out and do something active.

According to HHS, “More than 80% of adults do not meet the guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities, and more than 80% of adolescents do not do enough aerobic physical activity to meet the guidelines for youth.”Finding the time or the motivation to exercise is difficult for many people.

The key is to find a fun activity that you enjoy doing and that also fits your current fitness level. Maintaining a high level of physical activity can possibly lengthen your life as well as improve the overall quality!

Here are five fun activities that can be adapted to fit almost any fitness level. If you are unable to participate in physical activity due to chronic pain, call our clinic today to set up an evaluation with one of our skilled therapists at Base Physical Therapy.

Ready to get in the groove?

1. Get your hands dirty in the garden.

Gardening is a great way to get fresh air in your lungs and also begin growing your own organic vegetables and fruits! Whether you live in the country or an urban area, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy gardening.

Container gardening is an easy way to grow flowers and vegetables almost anywhere. Four or five medium-sized containers on the patio are enough to grow several items. Planting, hoeing with a hand spade, and regularly watering your plants can provide a moderate level of activity.

2. Get out on the dance floor!

Dancing is a great way to have fun and stay active at the same time. There are several different types and levels of dancing to choose from. You can take lessons or join a group that gets together to dance on a regular basis.

Everything from ballroom to ballet are fun activities that people at different fitness levels can enjoy. If you don’t want to make the commitment or spend the money taking classes, dancing on your own at home while listening to your favorite music is a fantastic way to get moving and burn calories. Depending on your weight and how strenuously you’re able to dance, you’ll be able to burn approximately 200 to 300 calories during half an hour of dancing. That’s a lot!

3. Try a rowing machine out!

Have you ever heard of rowing? Learning to use a rowing machine is relatively easy. This is not something you can only do in the water (although it can prove to be great practice if you want to really row a boat!) The treadmill and the stationary bike may be more popular, but the rowing machine is a great way to get a good workout even if you’re not in top physical shape. It’s also low impact while offering high calorie-burning potential. The great thing about the rowing machine is that you can do it while sitting down.

4. Go for a swim!

Swimming isn’t only for the beach, the Olympics, or lazy pool days! Regularly swimming can give you the boost of physical activity you need in your life to be continually active. There are several different swimming strokes to learn. The backstroke is one of the easiest to do. Whether you’re swimming laps, floating, or tossing an inflated ball with a friend, swimming is fun yet great way to be active.

It’s a low-impact activity, easy on the joints, and provides a good cardio workout. The best way to get started is to sign up for a class at your local Y or fitness club. If you have access to a private pool, for both accountability and safety reasons, make sure to swim with a partner.

5. Call our physical therapy clinic to learn more about an exercise program.

Did you know that a physical therapy program can increase your fitness level and help you make the most of your favorite activities? If you are unable to get around safely or participate in the things you love the most because of chronic pain, physical therapy could be the answer to your problems.

A physical therapist can evaluate your current physical condition and assess your fitness level. Whether you’re currently moving with assistance or you’re a serious athlete, physical therapy can help you increase your fitness level, reduce your chance of injury, and eliminate pain from sore muscles. A physical therapist can teach you the proper techniques for warming up before you choose to be active and the best post-workout stretches for an effective cooldown.

Call our clinic today to learn more about the benefits of physical activity, and get started on your own fitness journey.

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