Ergonomic Assessment

Improve Your Health and Wellness with Ergonomic Evaluations!

Discover how you can live more comfortably with ergonomic evaluations!

At Base Physical Therapy, we want to make sure your life is as comfortable and safe as possible. During an ergonomic evaluation, one of our dedicated Union Square & Brooklyn physical therapists will assess any problem areas in your life that could be improved ergonomically.

They will then provide you with the tools you need to adapt your daily life to your standards of living. This may include ergonomic changes to office space, sleeping arrangements, or assisting tools that can help you participate in your daily activities to the best of your physical ability.

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How will ergonomic evaluations benefit me?

Ergonomic evaluations can help you determine what areas of your life can be improved upon with simple changes. These changes can aid in posture improvement, enhanced mobility, and even pain relief.

The ergonomic evaluation process includes evaluating needs, identifying and implementing solutions, training, and evaluating outcomes that contribute to ergonomic modification.

The results of this process may be recommendations for alterations, adjustments, or additions to the home environment, office environment, or tools for daily life. This will be done through the use of specialized, customized, off-the-shelf, or universally designed technologies. This is all done in order to help you live more comfortably and easily!

Ready to get started?

As part of our ergonomic evaluations, our Union Square & Brooklyn physical therapists will also analyze how you interact with the environment to complete a task or activity. Through this process, modifications and intervention strategies are selected, in order to maximize safety and proper technique when completing the activities in question.

If you think you could benefit from our ergonomic evaluation services, don’t hesitate to contact our Union Square & Brooklyn physical therapy office today! At Base Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to helping you live comfortably once again.