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Dorsa Vi: Sports Assessment and Motion Analysis

A more comprehensive and specific option for those interested in motion analysis and sports assessment. Base has programs that analyze an individual’s movements to maximize each athlete’s performance ability and recognize deficits. Functional movement scales, video assessment, as well as motion analysis utilizing a wireless sensor technology all contribute to a complete assessment to determine athletic potential and susceptibility to injury.


  • Wireless sensor technology that track and measure how elite athletes move in real-time
  • Our ViPerform system can record data at 200 frames per second, accurately measuring data of specific movements (ie running, squatting, jumping)
  • Objective measure collections for range of motion, speed, ground reaction forces, movement deviations, and apprehension
  • Allows the athlete to better understand a current injury, or understand their movement to prevent an injury
  • Determine safe potential for return to sport after an injury


Base Physical Therapy believes in providing the most comprehensive options to maximize an athletes’ performance, whether they are recovering from an injury or to improve performance. With diagnostic real-time statistics, our assessment can provide instant feedback to diagnose deficits or reinforce functional performance.

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